Do you believe in ghosts?!

One day one of our lecturers asked us to define ‘story’. Some of us said it must be long and others gave their own definitions. He nodded and asked us to listen to his bit and let him know if we had changed our perception of what we thought was “story”.

He narrated thus:

It was a pitch-black dark night and this gentleman was traveling alone in a compartment of a train. While he was staring outside deep in thought another gentleman suddenly appeared and sat in the front seat. The stranger asked him bluntly “Do you believe in ghosts?” The first gentleman, pretty much puzzled, answered “No, I don’t!” The stranger said, “I don’t believe in it either!” and vanished into thin air !! ….just like that the stranger was gone.

New genre poem!

When I get time I read poems/posts of other bloggers. It helps me understand their feelings and their many tastes. Recently I came across poets writing a different genre of poems which, by far I am not able to understand. It’s funny though. Dropping one, two or three words in each line makes a poem?! Well, here is an example:

Sunrise for silly!

I browse for
I see them
Write a word
Or Two!
In a
Call it
Of what
I don’t know!
This isn’t a
Or Is it?!

🙂 How’s my poem? Did you like it?

Did you miss me?!

Hello everyone! Terribly sorry, I was too busy lately which is why I couldn’t update my blog. I am sure you might have missed my posts!!!

As if anybody cares whatever it is that I write! Honestly, one day I came across a post that said just that. Ironically, that particular post had not one single LIKE on it, let alone comments flowing down. I laughed at this practical joke. It was hilarious. But later I had a second thought. I shouldn’t have laughed! I hurt somebody’s feelings.

Name and fame! Who wouldn’t want to be famous? Most youngsters these days wish they could be those Korean pop singers or JB. We like to be popular amongst our audience. We always look upon our favorite ‘famous and the rich’ personalities and ape them. We wish it was us.

So, What if we can’t be famous in real life??!

Who cares? That is why there is nothing wrong in treating ourselves as stars! More correctly “the super stars”! Balls to the world, never mind what people think of you. Be yourself. You are the hero in your life. You make the rules, you save lives, you get your dream girl/boy and you definitely live large! If you want to wear your underwear over your trousers so be it! Enjoy your life. Well, I made that last thing up. You better wear that in your dreams but in reality it sucks! 😉

Remember; don’t do anything for others because they want you to be their make-up artists so they can look better! Balls to them, you are the hero…big up to you!!   It’s your life; it’s one life!

Peace and love!


“Bad luck” – A poem


Why do you want to dance with me?
I don’t like your music; I don’t want to dance.
I wish to be alone, let me be!
I don’t like your face and I don’t like your fragrance.

I know what you want
You want to see me sad
It’s all over your face with a big bold font
You’re mean, you’re ugly and you’re bad

You hate to see me smile; you hate it when I am fresh
You ceased all my hopes and took away my dreams
You’ve sucked all my blood and eaten all my flesh
I am scared of the ocean, I live by the streams!

I am torn apart and left to bleed
I don’t see the sky but everything else is red
Large and dark I see your seed
I wouldn’t let it grow and I want to see you dead!!!

Problems in life

I was speaking to this Australian colleague of mine few days ago. It was a casual talk about life in general. In the midst of our conversation he mentioned something that hit the cord. He said “Life is full of problems. You solve your problems yourself or somebody else will solve it for you!”

True to what he had said, yesterday I met someone who was in a dilemma on whether or not to quit his job. He had a decision to take, a problem to solve in life. He looked so confused that it seemed almost next to impossible for him to decide.

On the other hand, his boss was a bit pissed off with him. His reputation and luck weren’t in his favor now. He wasn’t anybodies favorite anymore. If he won’t decide, I thought, his boss will decide his fate for him!

You solve your problems yourself or somebody else will solve it for you?!

Sometimes it’s easy to overcome a hurdle but sometimes it’s better to leave it to fate.