Nobody’s perfect. I know you’re not
Don’t force your idiology upon me
No need to exhibit your temperament hot
I know what’s good for me

If you want to discuss, lets discuss
Let’s put our concepts on the table
Let’s see what we have got to express
While we are matured and able.

Dreaming in a dream

Love is in the air
She’s sitting on a chair
I am sitting right across the table
shy and unstable
I am giving her the looks
from behind a pile of books
will she notice?
The lady next to her is in her forties
Her eyes met mine
Rose red wine
I get the chills
I forgot my pills
Alarm sounded
Am I grounded?
Was it a dream?
Why did I scream?
Did I see a ghost?
I smell French toast
It’s early morning
I can’t stop yawning
There she is
My sweet cheese
She’s the one
Her heart I won
She sits by me
I let her be
I stare at her
My vision blur
I feel the jolt
My nuts and bolts!
Why the world is shaking?
Windows cracking!
Speakers on, he cleared his throat
I took no note
The plane just landed
Dreaming again?
Inside the plane?
or was I dreaming in my dream?

100 Poems!

Like so, I posted 100 poems in

It was quite a journey. Mostly downs than ups and that is for a reason. When I hit the rock bottom the first thing I look for is a pen and a piece of paper. It is easier for me to paint woes and grieves than smiles and happiness. May be because good things are good to share with people while bad things rather stay deep down in a no-go zone within me. I can keep it safe.

As far as I can remember, the first poem I really fell in love with is the ‘Daffodils’ by William Wordsworth. It is a classic even to this day. I vaguely remember my teacher telling us how few daffodils in the garden turned out “Ten thousand saw I at a glance” in the poem. If I am not wrong, it was his sister who spilled the beans.

There is a story behind every poem which normally gets buried along with the poet. By the time your poem gets noticed you will be long gone. Well, in most cases I mean.

Most, if not all of my poems are rhyming poems. I personally love to write poems with rhyming words. I enjoy it that way. I had had written quite a few without them but it seemed like an ocean without tides, tree without leaves, music without rhythm, me without you…… That said, I love reading poems of all sorts. I admire the creativity in some of you. The way you play with words is a feast to the eye.

Sad part of it all is that there is no market for poetry. There are no much takers. Not many people care to take a peek into your personal life. Unlike art, which albeit depicts your many moods decorates the wall, poetry eats dust. But, we write.  That’s the way we know to express ourselves. May be in an unknown future someone will read our poems and try to live in the world that we once lived. Until then, we keep writing or at least I will.


I can read you like a book
You can’t mock me and get away with it
I could hang you on a hook
And tear you down; bit by bit

But I keep no count of stray dogs
Let them bark coz that’s what they’re good at
I am not a fan of bats and frogs
But I can tell what they’re staring at.


I need a title for this poem
It must be unique, Simple and catchy
I want a stand-out name for this poem
Something like Samsung or Hitachi


Sometimes I see bloggers write beautiful poems but for some reason can’t give it a nice title. So they call it ‘untitled’. That in itself is catchy title. So, I decided to title one of my poems ‘untitled’.


It could be here, it could be there
It could be everywhere your eyes can see
Where do you run? Why do you fear?
You won’t find a place which death can’t see

Nevertheless, it’s good to stay safe. You know the drill. Prevention is better than cure.