A good-hearted emperor that once walked tall
little did he know that his crown would fall
so called friends who once licked his feet
Now turned their backs and walked down the street.

A husband to his dear wife…

I just don’t know how to say
and I am bad in expressing myself
but if you look me in my eyes
everything that glitters says it all.
Every spark has your name on it.

I need you by my side
I can treat you like a child
If only you could hear my heartbeat
you will hear your name out loud

If you want me to say
“I love you” the whole day
I can, but I know deep within
I love you more than that.

Mad dog

A mad dog is out
on a killing spree tonight
One down, two down
you can hear them scream and shout

No, you can’t tame it.
No, you can’t be friends.
No, you can’t kill it now;
the chosen ones are sent

Tick tok, tick tok
People like to talk.
Everything has a beginning
and everything has to end.

The river!

A mighty river that will dry up soon
shall unveil its treasure: A mountain of gold.
People will fight and killings will rise
thus, take no gold, the wise man told.

Be warned if you see this day
for great wars are on its way
Ninety nine of every hundred will die
none will be left to sit and cry.



Chaos – Who is the kingpin?

A tiny king that slept for years
Little by little that stole the lands
Dreamt of having a kingdom vast
Set the stage and finalized the cast

‘A broken mirror can be fixed
but the cracks will still remain’
A piece of advice his father had taught
now came in handy for brothers to part.

He dug a whole and others fell
He dug more wholes along the way
one by one those fools fell
He laughed out loud and cracked the shell.

Kings of east and kings of west
gave him ships and horsemen best
Money, men and a crooked mind
His other face none will find.

Prophets came and prophets gone
Time has come to blow the horn
darkest hours any man has seen
will bury the tiny king and his dean.



I saw hell fire, here on earth, to my east
No guards, no gates, just this skinhead beast
Innocents were burnt; few were slaughtered
Women were raped and children were torched

What was their crime I wonder
Is it poverty and hunger?
No one to listen; nothing to heed.
‘If someone is hurt let them bleed’?!!

The Eagle closed its eyes; tigers roared them out
Kings of white land had no say
Coz it wasn’t worth a battle to be fought
while the scrawny hypocrite just walked away.