Baby time

Dedicated to my son who turns 2 this 2nd of Dec (Insha Allah/God willing)

Round and round in circles I run
Singing this song and having some fun
I giggle, I jump and I wave my hands
at Pappa and Momma ‘coz they’re my friends!


I heard them say they were helpless
they looked at the sky, their throats were dry,
in a deep dying voice they asked “Why”?
They got no answer but days rolled by…
Miracle didn’t happen; they were left to die
so is the story of some men who couldn’t cry.
Today I am helpless; I am staring at the sky!




Lost in the desert and buried in sand
All they could see was my bloodied hand
I cried in despair but no one heard
Except for a white little bird

I had no one to call but Allah
For HE could see my tears roll
I had no one to trust but Allah
For HE is the custodian of my soul

I wish the broken glass be unbroken
My grief and sadness taken
I am strong but I am shaken
Rather forsaken

I have nowhere to take refuge but by Allah
For HE is the creator of heaven and earth
I have no one to ask for guidance but Allah
For HE has been with me since my birth