The dead are buried, sorrows forgotten
Flowers withered. Lost and gone
Trees chopped down, cities built
Life goes on; no remorse, no guilt

Emptiness sweeps, silence creaks
Once green forest now a barren land
Cries aren’t heard, smiles aren’t seen
Nobody’s worried, the world’s mean

Memories fade, visions blur
Flash back holds no meaning anymore
Paradise seen, walked through hell.
Actors in place, curtains unfold
Words withheld, Stories untold

Arms were strong, respect was earned
Wingless bird travelled all around
Friends were made, laughter shared
Welcomed, fed, loved and cared

Another day, another place
Another story’s taking shape
Bridges crossed, trains missed
Forehead kissed, laid to rest.


I’ll keep following the trail
till I reach my goal
I don’t know how far and for how long
I swear on my soul
I got to keep moving…
…I got to keep moving.

The Game-Plan

Their ruse worked and nations fought
but they are coveting the kingdom
Muscles flexed, accomplices sought
the game-plan wasn’t at random

Prophets sent, books revealed
but they heed ‘em not
Evil lurks, faces concealed
for how long before they’re caught?

Worst package

My head is aching, I am shaking
How many more blows should I be taking?
Let me know! I am asking, requesting…
I am suffocating;
Tired of waiting…

I wish God could take some time off of his busy schedule to read my poem! 🙂

Behind the curtain

Behind the glittering lights and metals
Behind the rich man’s lane
Lies a narrow street of petals
Where real lives thrives in pain

They know not I am writing of them
They care not I am in their midst
They’ve burried their heads in sands of time
And lost in the morning mist