Destiny – Life lessons

With age comes experience, with experience we get more practical and by being practical we realise the reality of life.

Whatever you experience in life is not by sheer chance. I strongly believe that you are destined to take the path you are taking, meet the people you are meeting, help the people you are helping. It is not a coincidence.

Everybody has a different approach to life. Perhaps some of you might disagree with the way I look at it.

If you are destined to reach the other side of the tunnel, you will reach there anyhow: the easy way or the hard way. If you get some cuts and bruises along the way – sorry to say, that was meant for you and if you get a free ride across it isn’t because you are lucky.

It doesn’t matter how many doors you knock. The door that opens for you is the door that you were destined to get in!