Day : 2

Her drowsy eyes locked horns with a pile of papers stacked neatly in the book-shelf. The strong aroma of coffee from her mug had filled the tiny room that overlooked a magnificent lawn. She took a deep breath before sleepwalking towards the book-shelf.

‘Magazines…’ she murmured pulling the displaced one out of the stack. ‘The M00N-Landing hoax – Page 18’ caught her eyes instantly. It wasn’t news. She had read about it before; the exhausting great deal of time she had spent to conclude if the critics had a point to prove, arguing with her favourite professor for lengthy hours, debating with friends… Then there were various other conspiracy books dealing with the downing of the twin-buildings and the hunt for WxMxD that was never found and the aftermath that resulted in the downfall of heads (of states). ‘Huh!’ She sighed, traveling back in time.

The coffee had turned cold killing the aroma it had carefully contained. She took a sip, reluctant, lost in thoughts. ‘How silly was I’ she thought, casting a smile across her gorgeous cheeks.

As she was placing the book back in its place, a rather dull front page caught her attention.

‘Not again!’ she exclaimed. Returning the magazine that slumbered in the warmth of her hand was as painful as saying goodbye to her high-school sweetheart at the subway station.

The engine roared through the window snapping her back to life. She took a quick look at an antique wall-clock that was monitoring her every move before rushing through the door.