Look carefully at this photo. That’s life. When I took this photo in the wilderness of Africa I never thought it could have any meaning at all. It was just a photo back then. That is all. I was young, life was beautiful, days were brilliant, nights were nice and stars shown bright.

But now when I see the same photo it gives me a different meaning. It speaks to me. It is as if it wants to communicate. A mirror of life? may be.

When we grow older this is what life looks like. It’s a mess. Sometimes it can be ugly. Sometimes we are made to run like a headless chicken. We run and run and run. There is no end. We run again. We run until our legs get weaker and numb. Then we are buried. That’s where the running ends.

One life; that’s all we got. It’s not ‘we’ that decide how to live. It’s always the ‘others’. Believe it or not, we live for others, in one way or the other.


Console me

Dear Diary,

Sorry, it’s been ages since I last turned pages. It’s been very hectic. I mean it. There is something called mental tiredness which by all means is more stressful than the physical tiredness any man can endure. Although I have all the happiness in this world that I had longed for I still feel lonely sometimes. There is something amiss. There is this piece of puzzle that has gone missing. I can’t find it. I hoped to see something nice in the previous pages but in vain. It’s not your fault. I only write down my sorrows. When I am happy I don’t even feel you sitting next to me.

But anyway, a friend in need is a friend indeed. You have never let me down when I craved for solace. You’ve always been there. You have lent me your ears. Though, at times I have seen it bleed you’ve never complained. You’re like my dumb friend on a fishing trip.  I enjoy talking and you care a damn.

HUH! I am relaxed now. Sometimes we need to talk the s##t out to feel better. See, I am up and running, ready to rock! Thank you dear diary for taking my s##t! Go clean yourself now  😉 I may need you again!

Hey! Hey! Best friends remember? Take it easy now. Cheers! 🙂

Myself and I

One evening while I was sitting in this park listening to some music I saw a good looking middle aged women walk past by me hurriedly.

“Hmm…nice fragrance!” I said to myself.  “She is probably here looking for her kids to take them to a family gathering”. I could judge that by her outfit and that lovely brown purse hanging low over her shoulder.

Anyway, I was enjoying the cool breeze with some beautiful slow beet music. Three minutes later I see her walking hastily towards the basketball court. “You are too young to have one of them as your kid!” I told myself

I sighed and continued with my music. Two minutes gone and she passed me again swiftly.  “Is there a problem? Should I offer to help?” I questioned myself. This time around I let my eyes follow her. She walked non-stop, zig-zag all around the park.

Before I could ask myself “Is that her evening-walk?!” Myself yelled back at me “Just shut up and enjoy your music!”



Do you believe in ghosts?!

One day one of our lecturers asked us to define ‘story’. Some of us said it must be long and others gave their own definitions. He nodded and asked us to listen to his bit and let him know if we had changed our perception of what we thought was “story”.

He narrated thus:

It was a pitch-black dark night and this gentleman was traveling alone in a compartment of a train. While he was staring outside deep in thought another gentleman suddenly appeared and sat in the front seat. The stranger asked him bluntly “Do you believe in ghosts?” The first gentleman, pretty much puzzled, answered “No, I don’t!” The stranger said, “I don’t believe in it either!” and vanished into thin air !! ….just like that the stranger was gone.

Did you miss me?!

Hello everyone! Terribly sorry, I was too busy lately which is why I couldn’t update my blog. I am sure you might have missed my posts!!!

As if anybody cares whatever it is that I write! Honestly, one day I came across a post that said just that. Ironically, that particular post had not one single LIKE on it, let alone comments flowing down. I laughed at this practical joke. It was hilarious. But later I had a second thought. I shouldn’t have laughed! I hurt somebody’s feelings.

Name and fame! Who wouldn’t want to be famous? Most youngsters these days wish they could be those Korean pop singers or JB. We like to be popular amongst our audience. We always look upon our favorite ‘famous and the rich’ personalities and ape them. We wish it was us.

So, What if we can’t be famous in real life??!

Who cares? That is why there is nothing wrong in treating ourselves as stars! More correctly “the super stars”! Balls to the world, never mind what people think of you. Be yourself. You are the hero in your life. You make the rules, you save lives, you get your dream girl/boy and you definitely live large! If you want to wear your underwear over your trousers so be it! Enjoy your life. Well, I made that last thing up. You better wear that in your dreams but in reality it sucks! 😉

Remember; don’t do anything for others because they want you to be their make-up artists so they can look better! Balls to them, you are the hero…big up to you!!   It’s your life; it’s one life!

Peace and love!


Problems in life

I was speaking to this Australian colleague of mine few days ago. It was a casual talk about life in general. In the midst of our conversation he mentioned something that hit the cord. He said “Life is full of problems. You solve your problems yourself or somebody else will solve it for you!”

True to what he had said, yesterday I met someone who was in a dilemma on whether or not to quit his job. He had a decision to take, a problem to solve in life. He looked so confused that it seemed almost next to impossible for him to decide.

On the other hand, his boss was a bit pissed off with him. His reputation and luck weren’t in his favor now. He wasn’t anybodies favorite anymore. If he won’t decide, I thought, his boss will decide his fate for him!

You solve your problems yourself or somebody else will solve it for you?!

Sometimes it’s easy to overcome a hurdle but sometimes it’s better to leave it to fate.

Cheater’s paradise

People cheat. It doesn’t matter how close they are to you. Money blinds them all. Everyone is selfish when it comes to their family and their own future. We all want to make money and get rich. Some wants money to keep their loved ones happy and the others are self centered.

When we get matured we secretly select the best horse that can take us to the Eldorado. If the horse is weak we partner with someone that we know can take us there. A desperate treasure hunter will always choose a dumb partner. They go together but the cheater comes back alone with the treasure. The cheated learns a lesson paying a hefty price. Sometimes it will be too late to realize and change things. Sometimes all you can do is write articles! That’s life!

Looking old before time?!

If you are looking for a magic-cream that makes you look younger, please look elsewhere. This is just an article.

Some five years back when I became a part of the ever growing mining industry I met this nice gentleman from India. Little did I know that his days were numbered in the company he worked for; we became friends. It was my first time in Africa and it was nice to meet someone from my own country.

I was young, fresh-faced and inquisitive. I had this urge to explore the new continent, Africa. Now that I was already in Tanzania, this seemed precisely the best place to start with. My next stop would rather be Ethiopia, I had told myself. I, for some reason, liked their music! Ethiopian music has this mystical power to brighten me up. It is unique in its own way yet soothing.

Well, it’s been a very long time since I last listened to any Ethiopian song.

Now, coming back to my story, this Indian gentleman was somewhere in his late fifties and we chummed up very well within the first few days of our meeting. We spoke about our families, previous jobs and more so about our current jobs.

One day in the midst of our conversation he asked me to guess his age. I told him what anybody would pretty much say: Late fifties. He burst out laughing hysterically but I could see through a vapor of sadness in his face. I was more than curious to know his age now. He shrugged his shoulders and with a mournful voice said he was forty one.

Oh boy! It wasn’t a lady’s age I was guessing!

He mentioned how sad he was during his university reunion few months back and that all his classmates looked young and charming. Him, on the other hand looked more like their professors. This was evident in the group photo.

Anyway, few days after we met, he quit his job and settled down in India.

There is a reason for bringing up this piece of history today that took place five years or so in the past. Today I found myself brooding in front of the mirror. I have grown a beard now; not to get a new outlook but because I am mentally tired and I didn’t realize they had grown up to that length. Lot of grey hairs sticking out reminded me of what this Indian gentleman had once told me. If you work in a mine you look old before time.      😦

The guinea fowl story

Helmeted Guinea Fowl

Helmeted Guinea Fowl

Yesterday I had a terrific day. It was different than the usually boring once that I normally have. I and a colleague happen to visit this lady who sells guinea fowls. Once there, we saw plenty of them in her back yard. We looked at each other and instantly knew our menu for lunch! We were offered a special price of US$14 (aprox Rs. 950) for one of them. Special because we were expats; it’s normally half the price for locals. Since we hadn’t enough time to ask a local to fetch one for us, we just bought it ourselves. By the way, I work in Tanzania, Africa.

It was fascinating to see the way our guinea fowl was caught. There were about twenty five to thirty guinea fowls in her yard. The lady summoned all of them to their chicken house (guinea house?!), with a nice bird-call sound. Amongst them was this vigilant white rooster which doubted her call this time. He grew suspicious and did not fall for her intrigue. He took the lead in inspecting the situation by lurking around the entrance of this chicken-house while warning his friends with a harsh toned foul cry. His fellow mates submit to his leadership and form a pack behind him. The tough-guy was in charge now.

This went on for a while. We were captivated with what was going on. Being mere spectators we eagerly waited to see what happens next.

The tough inspector refused to let himself or his friends in. It was when the rooster started acting like a ‘headless chicken’ the helmeted guinea fowls ignored him and barged into the chicken-house where the lady waited for a catch!

Once they were in the lady closed the door from inside. All we could hear was the lady screaming and wings fluttering. Sounded more like a rape scene in a Bollywood movie! Here, for a change, the lady emerged victorious. She came out with her trophy and with that our day-dream was about to come true.

In the midst of it all, I had an announcement to make. I wanted our guinea fowl to be slaughtered the Islamic way. My colleague and the lady, both of whom were Christians, had no hesitations to that at all. I could see them staring at me questioningly about who might do it. I had the answer ready; it is me, myself. A quick flash back gave me enough courage and all the information I needed to do so.

During my younger years slaughtering a chicken was a great event in our house. Papa would sharpen his favorite knife reserved only for these special, rather seldom occasions, (We normally bought nicely chopped chicken from butchery) wear his apron and put on the religious skull cap. I took pride in holding the chicken for him which was then religiously slaughtered.

Like so, I slaughtered the guinea fowl the Islamic way. We happily paid her the money and carefully placed our main lunch-ingredient in our pick-up truck before driving away.

Music and mood!

Today my mood is swinging in the right direction: It’s romantic! All the way to the office I listened to my favorite songs. It is so soothing. I called my wife and she was happy to be a part of my emotional flow. We spoke. This time the materialistic worldly affairs were laid to rest. It was us. It was nice.

Music is magic! It has the power to heal our emotional distress. I believe everyone must have their favorite songs/music handy. Listen to it whenever you feel low. That’s the best medicine out there.

Strangely enough, I had a friend that found solace in heave metal! Now that, for me, is simply unbelievable. Heavy metal (for me) is just noise that’s gone too wrong! I love songs with soft beats/music to keep me calm. For me, music is something that brings joy and inner peace. It makes my body and soul relaxed. When I am done listening I am fresh.

Different genres of music fit different moods.