About Me

Taufeeq Yahiya

Taufeeq Yahiya

Hi there!

I am Taufeeq Yahiya, the CoffeeLander; nice to meet you!

This blog is like my personal diary only made public.

Here I write things that fascinate me or things that I feel must be written. Since I don’t keep a personal diary anymore I thought blogs would be a better replacement. It’s always nice to share ones personal experience with others. Who knows, it might inspire them!

Poetry, history, nature, mystery, family, parenting, kids/babies, human psychology and art are some of the areas that captivate me. Diving deep into them and unearthing their treasures gives me immense pleasure.

I enjoy photography. Photos communicate and that’s why I try to connect a story or a poem to it and it speaks…I listen!!

Thank you for visiting my blog. Have a nice time!

All yours,


Just incase you wish to contact me, here is my email id: taufeeq.py  @  >>gmail.com

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