Writing tips – the cheat-sheet

Writing is an art. Expressing emotions through words is not as easy as it sounds. It takes an arduous journey to leave a mark as a writer. Many a times finding the right word could be challenging which is why many of us might consider giving up midway.

An extensive research through internet might yield greater results but yet again, right choice of words or key words are quite essential.

Let’s cut to the chase. Couple of days back I found this interesting cheat-sheet which might be of some use to the budding writers. Much as I hate to live by the rules when it comes to writing some of you could most certainly make use of it. It’s a wonderful guide in your attempt to personify things or make it look more realistic.

Let me thank the one who drafted this easy-guide on behalf of all my writer-friends.

If you have any additional tips/inputs in this regard please feel free to comment below. Your experience might aid others.

Happy writing!

14 thoughts on “Writing tips – the cheat-sheet

  1. I believe most writers write based on experience and stages of emotions they’ve encountered or still feel. So the style of writing varies. I speak of poetry. It can be subtle, forceful, emotional, fanciful and draining…personal. I’ve never followed rules, only my imaginings and heart. Unique ❤️

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