Night out

Walking in a busy street is so much fun. So many faces with so many expressions. I pretty much camouflaged into the sea of souls. It wasn’t difficult to blend in perfectly. Within seconds I was just one of them. What more could I possibly ask for? I am an introvert that likes crowd! Or shall I put it this way, I like people-watching without me being watched.

Just when I was soaked in the sunshine of night I heard someone yelling “whore, whore”.  ‘How disgusting!’, I thought. More so, how embarrassing it is for the victim of such a public humiliation.

I looked around hastily. Unable to locate the epicentre I stood still. The yelling continued. “Pibe… seben…jeero…jeero”

‘Ah!!’ I gently slid my hands into my pockets and walked into the night.


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