The henpecked husband

A Man must be a man. If a man starts behaving like a woman then he better cross-dress! At least we will know the difference. I am talking about a straight male who is extra macho while his wife is around. For every little thing he has this urge to run back home. I don’t know who controls whom behind the closed door but the least bit you can do is open your mouth and talk. Of course there is plenty of room to change your opinion later (after you consult your wife, I mean).

It’s rather funny what happens to few men once they get married. Yes, it’s a husband’s duty to keep his wife happy but sometimes you need to pull up your socks and be a man! It is laughable when you see such poor souls. It happens when you let your wife take decisions for you; when you are so addicted to consulting your wife for every little thing. It is when you blindly believe everything your wife says is right. It is when you are too damn weak in calling the final shots. Sometimes you have to use brain or it might get rusted.

Nonetheless there are exceptions to this rule: When the wife is the only breadwinner or if the husband is mentally ill or if he is a lazy bum to find a job…

I am not mean to the wife but there is a thing called ‘discussion’. The husband and the wife converse nicely and as a man you bring forth the idea if there is a need for such a discussion at all. If someone asks for your opinion give them YOUR opinion and not wait for your wife to tell you what to tell them.

There is also a need for the wife to let your husband to be the man. It is easier for people to notice if it is otherwise. You don’t want your husband to be a joker in public. Do you?


12 thoughts on “The henpecked husband

  1. It is a turnoff when men allow women to be the dominant one in the relationship. I love when my husband puts his foot down when Im being a brat. It shows he loves me enough to help correct my wrongs and vice versa. It should definitely by 50/50

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  2. I think it goes both ways. In a healthy relationship valuing equality, neither the wife nor the husband should have to “run back to” each other before “speaking your opinion and/or making simple decisions”. This cracked me up!

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    • Meaning of the word “Henpecked”:


      Collins dictionary:

      (of a man) continually harassed or tormented by the persistent nagging of a woman (esp his wife)


      (particularly of husbands or boyfriends) Intimidated or overwhelmed by a nagging or overbearing wife or girlfriend.

      MacMillan dictionary:

      criticized and given orders all the time by a wife or female partner

      Oxford dictionary

      (of a woman) continually criticize and order about (her husband or other male partner)

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