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Religion teaches inner peace and Islam is not an exception. I am not here to debate for or against any religion. But I can guarantee that no religion teaches hatred amongst others. It’s all about doing good in this world to get the best in the world after. In some cases, it is about re-incarnation. You do good here and come back as something beautiful into this world thereafter.

But today politics has over shadowed this beautiful system so much so that people are forced to fight against each other in the name of religion. Religion, that was meant to bring out the best now brings out evil. Thank you war mongers for using such a beautiful institution for your own good!

Many, mostly ignorant, go by the media and stereotype certain religion while others study their books to see if it really promotes what is said of it. It’s not anybody’s fault though. Currently, it’s even more difficult to distinguish between a monk and a war lord because they both wear the same attire. Ignorant people are the easiest bait to ignite tension. No brain-washing required. But the educated ones are very few!

Regardless of what you believe, there is someone out there designing a blueprint for the world that we live in. It’s his plan that is taking shape today. He is the one that is re-drawing borders for each country and breaking them into pieces. He is the one that is controlling our vulnerable minds. He is the one that is selling arms to both sides of the same battle. He is the one that is raising false flag attacks. He is the one that is winning.

But my sorrow and grief goes out to millions of innocent people that have lost their lives and are still losing every second. As I am typing and as you are reading this, God knows how many more will be dead.

I am not asking anything of you because you cannot change anything of what is going on today. But I would request you to be nice to each other. No matter what colour your skin is, no matter what religion you follow, if you follow one at all, no matter where you live and no matter what you do. We have a brain to think. Why not use it positively?

Peace and love!


31 thoughts on “Current affairs

  1. I totally totally agree to it. Very well expressed. I feel exactly the same. I know how religion has become a political power now. Nobody gives a shit about religion , all are just busy fighting about it. It’s sad to see people fighting over trivial matters. Like eating beef/pig ??? I don’t get it. How does it really matter if somebody eats beef or pig.

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    • Precisely! Lack of education is the basis of all evil. Media\24 hr news channel plays an important role in brainwashing people. You’ve got a valid point. We mustn’t jump to conclusion. These days before an event occurs we already know whom to blame! Crazy!


  2. It does matter what you believe. All religions cannot be right so we need to research their teachings to sort out truth and lies. Look at the founder of the religion; did they live peaceably? Did they teach peace with God and others? Our enemies are not other human beings but the forces of evil which destroy peace.


    • Religion is an institute of peace. It would be wrong to persecute a religion itself if certain people chose to fight over it. You are right in saying our enemies are forces of evil. I wouldn’t connect those forces to any religion.

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      • Their circus can be anything but religiously motivated. I do agree with you that their actions are evil. However, the geographical location that they have chosen as their playground vaguely suggests that they might have won a contract to do the laundry! Their sophisticated modus operandi tells a different tale. But sadly enough they have tagged a heavy baggage to a religion that, perhaps, has nothing to do with the whole lot.

        That said, it would be wrong to accuse 99.99% of the total population of a particular religion of a crime committed by a meager 0.01%. It would also be wrong to label a religion evil just because few people distorted the fundamental believes of that religion for their own good.

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      • No problem. This is just a discussion. You’re most welcome.

        So you say ‘power’ motivates them? But they are a dying horse and they probably know that from day one. How long would they cling on to any power? They are getting whipped from both ends. We know that they are unlike their predecessors in their aggressiveness which gives us an idea that their reign might be very short lived if not a specific task oriented.

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      • I agree, they are despotic and failing, but they can still do a lot of damage – perhaps that’s all that motivates them, doing as much harm as possible. All I was really trying to say was that I’m sure they’re not motivated by religion.

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      • I don’t think mainstream Islam does, much like mainstream Christianity (New Testament) it’s really just a philosophy for living in social groups, but their off-shoot, Wahhabism which is relatively modern and born of some mad dictator, does seem to.


      • Mohammad taught many good things too but those are seldom highlighted. The reason for using cherry picked materials is to promote hatred.
        “There is far more violence in the Bible (old and new testaments) than in the Quran.” – Karen Armstrong
        Let’s hope people learn to live in peace.


  3. A beautiful peace of writing!. Every man and woman has the need to believe there is a purpose to this life, a need to believe there is something better that comes after this one. I believe there is. I don’t find my self in any religion, any thing that man has made or created to his needs. For his needs. The Spirit (some may call him God), for me is real. I believe as his creations, we are all equal no matter our customs, traditions, our beliefs if they mean that the ultimate goal is to share love for each other as human beings. He has given us this earthly life to share our energy with each other for the good of all.


  4. An interesting post, this one. The government is a force propelling humanity into darkness, but I think it’s wise to point out that it’s the people behind said government that are leading the world down a dark road. While religion is a tool for peace and general goodwill, there are also those who use it (who are religious) for bad things. They twist the core of light into a weapon.

    To fix this, people need to learn to look past their differences. They need to learn how to connect with others on a spiritual level while also reconnecting with the Earth itself. An education will help, but first mankind needs to be aware of the darkness that festers within. We can’t win an unseen war if we don’t open our eyes.

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