It hurts when people forget all the good things that you’ve done for them without expecting anything in return. When they forget the efforts and time you have spent on them just so that they can have a nice life too. It is so wrong to measure everything with money. There are things that people do out of love, out of caring.

Is it a sin to be nice to others? At least I, personally, hope not and I know there are many that might agree with me. It is because of few nice people there is still hope for love. But sadly, there are those that are so selfish which makes me wonder why, in the first place, God had to create them! I know it’s too extreme to even think of such a thing. But sometimes you just can’t help.

…and like I always say, life goes on.


24 thoughts on “Thankless!

  1. Great work! Makes you think. At one point in your life you stop caring …if you give, you give. That’s how it works, you are either comfortable with it or you’re not. Depends on the amount of passion you have for people and more so, how much pain you can take. But that is life.

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  2. True to the core. But not all are selfish around. The world is full of good people and if you can’t see one then you can be one😃 which reminds me of my blog LIFE GOES ON

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  3. We are beings of love, meant to love each other, and ourselves. I understand the feeling that you have given someone so much, without expectation, and yet it is nice to get some form of recognition. The truth is that to truly love unconditionally, you must expect nothing in return.
    However, there are different ways to be loving. You can give much of your time, your energy and your money to someone because you love them. Though this may morph into enabling them or allowing yourself to be used. These are the times it may help to take a step back and re-assess if you are forgetting to also love yourself.
    Pulling back, being honest that you are resentful and perhaps instead, just choosing to send them love through thoughts or prayers rather than actions may be the best thing to do. Some people are best loved from ‘afar’ until some personal growth occurs, either for you or for them.
    This is a tough lesson to learn, but one I think we all come across somewhere in our lifetimes.
    You have much love to share. Share it. Just remember that it can be done as easily as sending love out to the world with every breath you take. It can be as simple as that. And it works!

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