Look carefully at this photo. That’s life. When I took this photo in the wilderness of Africa I never thought it could have any meaning at all. It was just a photo back then. That is all. I was young, life was beautiful, days were brilliant, nights were nice and stars shown bright.

But now when I see the same photo it gives me a different meaning. It speaks to me. It is as if it wants to communicate. A mirror of life? may be.

When we grow older this is what life looks like. It’s a mess. Sometimes it can be ugly. Sometimes we are made to run like a headless chicken. We run and run and run. There is no end. We run again. We run until our legs get weaker and numb. Then we are buried. That’s where the running ends.

One life; that’s all we got. It’s not ‘we’ that decide how to live. It’s always the ‘others’. Believe it or not, we live for others, in one way or the other.


34 thoughts on “Life

  1. How true!! Beautiful..
    Life just feels like the ‘others’ are standing right behind you, holding a whip asking you to run nonstop, asking you to be one of those well oiled machines(which we are not.. we are like butterflies, free colorful) and now captivated with only one goal.. longing to be free..

    On a side note i.e (shamelessly trying to promote my blog) My post running away is somewhat like this.. Feel free to check it out!

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  2. Life, I believe is not a mess as we make it out to be. Of course there is mess, entanglements. Distress. But, what if it would be just a smooth road, no charm, no enticement
    I suppose would be left to look forward to. Oh, I love living with all the madness, chaos, euphoria, pain everything. Sort of twisted but wonderful 😊

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  3. Now that you are aware that you are living for others, what are you going to do about it? Yes, you have only one life n it’s you who will have to make sure that you do things that give you joy. Stop pleasing others n start pleasing yourself. When you feel good about something then you know you are doing the right thing. If it doesn’t feel good then you know it’s not right. Go with what makes you feel easy , nice, comfortable, happy. Good luck!!

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  4. I like your reflection on the meaning of the photo but I don’t really agree that it is a “mess.” What I see is lots of connections, a series of interwoven networks which we make throughout life. Each connection may be a person that has touched me in some way.

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