A husband to his dear wife…

I just don’t know how to say
and I am bad in expressing myself
but if you look me in my eyes
everything that glitters says it all.
Every spark has your name on it.

I need you by my side
I can treat you like a child
If only you could hear my heartbeat
you will hear your name out loud

If you want me to say
“I love you” the whole day
I can, but I know deep within
I love you more than that.


12 thoughts on “A husband to his dear wife…

  1. So very touching! There are no actions that can replace words said with emotions. Somehow they find there way into the heart and into the soul and remain there forever. There is nothing better that you could have given as a gift, then words of love. Such men have become so rare these days. Your wife is a very lucky woman!

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    • Thank you so much. I recon you are very family oriented 🙂 sometimes in a relationship there is a need to express your love for one another. Only then the wheels of romance moves on  which is very vital for a strong bond between a husband and a wife.


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