Mad dog

A mad dog is out
on a killing spree tonight
One down, two down
you can hear them scream and shout

No, you can’t tame it.
No, you can’t be friends.
No, you can’t kill it now;
the chosen ones are sent

Tick tok, tick tok
People like to talk.
Everything has a beginning
and everything has to end.


4 thoughts on “Mad dog

  1. What is going on with you, my dear friend? I am not active on WordPress anymore, but I do read the posts that come into my inbox. I do not comment these days. But I wanted to tell you that what sounds like a dark cloud and ominous grey today might as well be the harbinger of a bright day tomorrow. I just want to leave you with this line that the darkest hour of the night is but an indicator of a glorious sunrise in a few hours.
    If there is darkness in your heart, that would worry me. If there is grey or even red in your sight, that would worry me. I sincerely hope it is not so. Might I suggest that the Mahatma is relevant even today? However cynical we might have become, we can still learn lessons from that great soul and make amends in our own little ways. Violent reaction, extreme thought, the need for immediate results, never amount to anything in the long run. Peace be unto you, my brother, and I mean it with all my heart.

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    • If you see dark clouds then there will be rain and if it rains sunshine is not far away 
      Thanks for reading my posts, my dearest friend. No worries, it’s not an ocean like you think but a small stream I am sailing in. Tiny…you know what I mean? I can just step out and walk 😉 Cheer up!


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