Husband and wife relationship: Distance barrier or communication barrier?

In a husband and wife relationship the key to success is the bond between two souls. It is important to understand each other, know each other’s feelings and be there for them. No matter how far you are from one other it is essential to ‘show’ that you are right beside your loved one all the time. Never play with anybodies feelings. It hurts very badly.

Technology has helped us a lot. The world is much smaller now. So then, how about a phone call? or an sms? Easy, isn’t it? A quick phone call helps cut distance barrier. But remember to be genuine while you call or never call at all. You don’t need to chose words or be careful rather be as carefree as you can. Find time to talk and talk wholeheartedly. Put all your feelings into it. Ask each other’s how-abouts while being a good listener. Make them feel that you are sitting right next to him/her. Depending on how deep is your love call them as frequent as you can. (But don’t be irritatingly nice!!) This helps build a bond and shows how much you care.

Many of us might not be an extrovert in showing our feelings. It is for our spouse to gauge our emotions. Say, the husband is out on a business trip and the wife is taking care of the kids back home. It is quite evident that the husband is more likely to miss his family more. If he is an extrovert he will call more often and if he is an introvert he will sit by the phone and wait for his wife call him. Either way, he loves his wife. The wife knows her husband better and vice versa.

So, what is holding you? Firstly understand each other better. Second, love and care for each other without expecting anything in return. Third, be nice and give each other some space if that is what is required for the moment. Fourth, do not argue rather bite your teeth while being a good listener. Fifth, if you are wrong accept it. To err is human. Sixth, let bygones be bygones, do not nag about it. Move on with your life. You cannot rewind and rectify all your wrongs. Eighth, do not accuse each other without proper evidence. Ninth, discuss, communicate with each other regularly on your day to day activities. Little things for you might not be so little for your spouse. Tenth, don’t be so serious! If you haven’t noticed, I have skipped “seventh” point! 😉 Lastly, be that happy couple that all your neighbors envy! God bless you!


One thought on “Husband and wife relationship: Distance barrier or communication barrier?

  1. Communication… the secret and crucial key in one. I am still learning how to communicate with my beloved ones but I can’ t imagine a day without a message, one word, one touch… and I believe this makes our relationship so strong. Also our prayers in each other arms. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and for stopping by! Blessings!

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