New genre poem!

When I get time I read poems/posts of other bloggers. It helps me understand their feelings and their many tastes. Recently I came across poets writing a different genre of poems which, by far I am not able to understand. It’s funny though. Dropping one, two or three words in each line makes a poem?! Well, here is an example:

Sunrise for silly!

I browse for
I see them
Write a word
Or Two!
In a
Call it
Of what
I don’t know!
This isn’t a
Or Is it?!

🙂 How’s my poem? Did you like it?


25 thoughts on “New genre poem!

  1. Hahahahaha, you have been reading my scathing criticism of poetry then? hahaha.. well done.. welcome to the world of blog-poetry… and yes, exactly right… well done, now wait for twenty thirty people to come up with praises for this and clicking Likes all over the place.. wait for it.. You know, a few will even see great philosophical insights in this one.. “Wonderful thoughts.. you have such a gift with words.. you are mixing your deepest emotions with verbose fluidity” or some such bile-inspiring vile lines..
    Ok, ok, I am a cynic.. and bile is never far from me.. but hey, you wrote this.. not me 😀


  2. Hmmmm – depends on whether you are a purist or not. I’m not. I like to think of it as free form, or perhps flow of consciousness. Or just – thoughts as they come to me. You would have noticed that I guess when you visited my blog. BTW, thanks 🙂

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