Music and mood!

Today my mood is swinging in the right direction: It’s romantic! All the way to the office I listened to my favorite songs. It is so soothing. I called my wife and she was happy to be a part of my emotional flow. We spoke. This time the materialistic worldly affairs were laid to rest. It was us. It was nice.

Music is magic! It has the power to heal our emotional distress. I believe everyone must have their favorite songs/music handy. Listen to it whenever you feel low. That’s the best medicine out there.

Strangely enough, I had a friend that found solace in heave metal! Now that, for me, is simply unbelievable. Heavy metal (for me) is just noise that’s gone too wrong! I love songs with soft beats/music to keep me calm. For me, music is something that brings joy and inner peace. It makes my body and soul relaxed. When I am done listening I am fresh.

Different genres of music fit different moods.


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