Lost in the moment

My brother in law is getting married the day after tomorrow. My wife and her sisters are too busy meticulously executing their part of the wedding plan. Sometimes and it’s quite understandable of them to forget their loved ones in the process. Wedding is a big day not only for the bride and the groom but also for their relatives and friends. Hence, it is the bride, the groom and their loved ones together make a wedding day a day to remember or a memorable day for days to come. Every participant to the pre-wedding & the wedding day itself will have a story to tell. A story they will never forget.

My wife’s family house is about three hours drive from my hometown. It is in a coastal area, hot and humid. As much as I dislike that place my wife loves it! In any case, it’s her place, that’s where she comes from. All her sisters that are scattered in different places have assembled there. The groom, their brother is being pampered. I believe that’s how it is all around the world.

We have an adorable Persian cat in our house. My wife loves to cuddle and play around with it. It’s been her darling for almost two years now. While she is gone it’s in the mercy of a careless maid. He might be missing her as much as he wished to say it out. He might have grown pale and week. Loneliness is one thing cats dislike of all other things or so I believe!

It is just a matter of few more days and things will start from where she had left. She is a messenger of love; she will take it from there. Believe it or not, we don’t forget things we love!


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