How to remove/uninstall/delete is a real ugly pest that needs some extra strong pesticide! is a serious virus that automatically installs several auto run files in your computer that fetches your passwords and other personal information. It is quite difficult to detect and remove all those files manually. The sooner you remove/uninstall those hidden files the better.

My laptop was infected once and the easiest way I found was to install free version of AVAST antivirus software and run it. Boom! It was detected and shot dead!

Click here to install your FREE version of AVAST antivirus software

Remember, AVAST is trusted antivirus software.

Installing trial version of AVAST antivirus software takes roughly 2-3 minutes. Once installed, this software automatically starts searching for virus and in less than a minute you will get a list of all hidden-viruses that are planted by Remove it by clicking the button on AVAST window! That’s it, you are done.

Restart your computer. It will be as normal as it was before the attack.

Now if you wish to uninstall AVAST, visit control panel and uninstall it. AVAST trial version is for 30 days, I believe. After 30 days you need to pay. If you want, keep it and if you don’t then uninstall it. Up to you!

Keep your PC/Laptops free of virus. Good day!

To uninstall virus please click here


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