Unconditional love: The wife

I got up with severe headache and a stiffened neck. With a glum face I rode to the office. I envied the ever shining motor bike that carried me all the way through the bumpy road. Tall trees on either side of the road tend to see our ugly combination! ‘What a day?’ they might have whispered. I cut the breeze through the roaring machine but they had no complaints; rather it tickled and revived my feelings. Nothing made any difference as my journey was too short.

Whilst getting into my office building I noticed the old man watering plants. A childlike smile flashed out from his wrinkled skin. He greeted me warmly and I couldn’t resist but throw a smile back at him. His shabby cloth was no barricade to his heart meeting those flower bearing plants. He spoke to them and it seemed to me that they understood him very well. Nodding and tossing, they responded to his tunes. They were fond of him as he cared for them. That, for me, made a perfect couple.

I rang my wife but I couldn’t express my love for her. She sounded calm, caring and loving. My dismal mood couldn’t see any one it. I started getting angry for every word she spoke. I was rude! I hung up before making a fool of myself. What a day indeed!

I miss her now! She is my lady love. I love her for what she is and that’s what makes her so unique, so special. I peeped out of the window. The old man was still watering plants; Unconditional love?! Yes, it is.

Although a bit stubborn, hurting someone is not my cup of tea. Guilty feeling engulfed me for hurting my wife. I had no right to ruin her day. She is such a sweet soul and I love her so dearly. I rang her again but house hold chores might have kept her busy or else she would have picked up my calls instantly.

My emotionally week soul refused to let me work. Being a Manager has its own advantages sometimes. I had no one to report to; not at least today! My line boss might be too busy to care to know what I did as long as he got his reports.

All I had in mind was my wife. It’s my duty as a husband to love her unconditionally and ‘show’ that I do. Ladies always prefer it that way. Show it! That is the mantra. No matter how deep you love someone, unless you show it they cannot see it. That’s obvious, they are not saints anyway. We are humans after all. We don’t see through anybody’s mind or heart. We exhibit ourselves as best as we can. That is exactly why we tell ‘I love you’ a million times but still feel like listening to it from our loved ones.

Life is a stage and we are all merely actors!


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