Is your boss a Scorpio?

Most of us don’t believe in horoscope or zodiacs but regardless of what we believe there is something disturbingly true about their characteristic predictions.

How to deal with a Scorpio boss? This is the question asked by some of the exhausted employees working under a boss who is a ‘Scorpio’!

True to their nature Scorpios are terrible bosses. They are neither satisfied nor appreciate your good work whole heartedly. Scorpios are very suspicious and verily they have their eyes and ears wide open to grab you red-handed. They like to do little police work on each of their employees. To worsen it all they do not trust anyone. Be very careful while you talk or behave with a Scorpio boss because your every uncalculated move grabs his/her attention. Do not talk too much and do not gossip. It might back bite you.

They are extremely jealous! If you manage to reach their inner circle you better work your ass off to be there. A slightest clue of your deviation from his/her thoughts will land you in a biggest trouble you could ever imagine. Be that dog that keeps swaging his tail by its handler. Submit your wish and dream to be his/her favorite. He/she will tell you what to dream!

Scorpios are very possessive. Either you are in his/her team or you are with the enemy! I remember George Bush’s statement in a news conference with regard to attacking Iraq. Let’s hope America is not a Scorpio! (lol). If your boss is a Scorpio you have no choice but to be his subject and obey him/her.

Scorpios are highly secretive. You will never know their next move. They might be friendly with you and at the same time they might be digging your grave. They gather enough information against you before attacking that will leave you paralyzed! Key to success would be to be careful, talk less but talk prudently and be watchful if you feel you are the target. They seldom discuss about their next business schedules or meetings or travel dates. They like to keep you in dark by giving you wrong date/time if you are not the concerned party. They do not want you to ruin their plans in any manner. They are exceptionally unpredictable.

They can be easily hurt by negative comments or treatment. If your ‘boss’ is a Scorpio then you better treat him like a ‘boss’. They are also manipulative. In other words, they love to dominate. They will watch your every move and will have a say in it. Scorpios are all over you in work. They are awfully narrow-minded and not flexible at all. Its either their way or the highway! They might scare you or use their power to take you in control. Do not flatter him/her too much and do not try to overtake him.

Scorpios love to know your secrets. To do this they can go to any extremes, like talk to your gate-keeper, driver, cook, your friend or even the newspaper agent in your area. Scorpios hide their emotions and put up a sweet face for you giving you no clue of what evil might happen to you next.

They are unbelievably revengeful and unforgiving. Like if you had torn a page of his/her book while you both were in standard one, the Scorpio might tear apart your life when you both start taking jobs. They seek revenge until they die. If you are light hearted, better hide!

To conclude, if you ARE a Scorpio boss then you know what I am talking about and if you HAVE a Scorpio boss you know exactly what I am talking about 😉



4 thoughts on “Is your boss a Scorpio?

  1. Yes l have a scorpio boss ….
    They are very very difficult
    To work with ! OMG
    Mine is as cold as a 38.
    He is by no means a gentleman
    Treats u more like a machine
    Then a person … l have come
    Home from work in tears
    Many many times …
    I dont wish a scorpio boss
    On anyone .

    Liked by 1 person

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