Bismillah (h)ir-Rahman (n)ir-Raheem!


Let me start this blog by reciting the phrase: ‘Bismillah hir-Rahman nir-Raheem’; This phrase in English would mean “In the name of Allah, the (most) gracious, the (most Merciful”. Muslims recite this while starting anything that is Halaal. For example, before drinking or eating or starting ones day or work and so on. In my case, I preferred to use this magic phrase to be the title of my first blog because it will induce me to write or present things that are Halaal or things that are not prohibited in Islam.

Getting a little off topic, I remember writing diaries and notes of just about anything that would fascinate me whilst schooling. A secret world where I spoke to myself! Anyway, those days and the journals are long lost in time. I have crossed the meadows of childhood, passed the gardens of adolescence and now I am hiking the mountains of adulthood before reaching the desert of old age!

Wow! I still have that poet hiding in me that I thought had forsaken me long back. I am glad we are still together. Hopefully I will team up with him in some of my future blogs.

Until then have a good day!


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