I am not what you think I am
And I can’t be what you want me to be
Because this is what I am
And this is how I will be!


Walking a mile in your shoes

I am sitting where my father once sat
I am asking what he had asked that day
I remember his shoes and that old man’s hat
He had had reached late but I am a bit early today!


Grumpy grandpa had a goose
That laid a golden egg everyday
But they killed the grandpa and his goose
On a bright sunny day.

Gone was all that came for free
They had to sweat for bread and tea.
Shootings and looting were on the rise
Greed was paying it’s price!

The going got tough and the tough got weaker
To their surprise it was all much quicker
How do we undo the done they asked
A wise question that came out at last.


Rolling down the valley towards a molehill
Taking down lives and houses and riches
The cornfield of filth – see? I made you spill!
The bad, the worst and some witches.

They were there: those that are not of their blood
Caring for none and daring to reach
It wasn’t rain they feared, it was the flood.
May be this is how he chose to teach.

Now they knew. Well, not all of them!
The colour of blood can only be red
We have to go where we came from
Some went early while the rest are dead!


The one eyed

I am coming, I am coming
but I can hear you cry!
This is just a trailer of a movie coming soon.
Now save your bloody tears
‘Coz I’ve got many things to show
and you’ve got many things to see.

Buckle-up for the rough ride!
‘Coz I am the ‘one-eyed’!

Ignorance is bliss

We were having a casual conversation. He said if he had money he would fly to America. ‘That’s one place everyone wants to go’ I said. Out of curiosity I asked “Okay, after America where would be your next stop?”

He looked at me and said “After America I will fly straight to California.”

The leader

Deep in a dungeon a man was kept
The more they whipped him the more he wept
He moaned and groaned and never slept
His future was sealed and his dreams were swept.

Then came the time for them to act…
They knew precisely how he would react
A deal so evil on a table was kept
He saw the surface, not the depth.

He had no choice but to adapt
He was just a zombie wickedly whacked
What then we saw was the special-effect
The plan of the devil: impeccably perfect!