Talk to me
If you want to know me more, walk with me
Laugh with me
I’ll let you be you
Ice cream, coffee shop and barbecue
You’ll never feel lonely coz I’ll be with you
From katmandu to Tiimbuktu


Nobody’s perfect. I know you’re not
Don’t force your idiology upon me
No need to exhibit your temperament hot
I know what’s good for me

If you want to discuss, lets discuss
Let’s put our concepts on the table
Let’s see what we have got to express
While we are matured and able.

Dreaming in a dream

Love is in the air
She’s sitting on a chair
I am sitting right across the table
shy and unstable
I am giving her the looks
from behind a pile of books
will she notice?
The lady next to her is in her forties
Her eyes met mine
Rose red wine
I get the chills
I forgot my pills
Alarm sounded
Am I grounded?
Was it a dream?
Why did I scream?
Did I see a ghost?
I smell French toast
It’s early morning
I can’t stop yawning
There she is
My sweet cheese
She’s the one
Her heart I won
She sits by me
I let her be
I stare at her
My vision blur
I feel the jolt
My nuts and bolts!
Why the world is shaking?
Windows cracking!
Speakers on, he cleared his throat
I took no note
The plane just landed
Dreaming again?
Inside the plane?
or was I dreaming in my dream?