So far, you’ve had a lovely time
You’ve had your life your way
But as the barefoot Wiseman once said
Every good thing comes to an end.

Life goes on and it has to. That’s the beauty of it.
Only this time it will be black and white
Because all the hues will be taken
To make your life a bit more miserable.

Your wait will be over soon
A new beginning wrapped up with thorns
Packed with care so you can open it slowly
For the rest of your life


I am sorry

I’ve hurt you! I know I’m bad. It’s sad
I’m mad, I can’t change myself.
I’ve tried, I’ve cried,
I’ve washed myself and dried but failed.
Deep inside I’m jailed.
I’m nailed not to the cross but to the coffin.
I’m not a human, I’m a beast, to say the least.
Atleast, I know who I am.

I can’t help but stare into the night sky
And ask Him ‘why?’, can I die and come-by?
My heart is dry. I won’t lie, I’ve made you cry.
I am sorry. I don’t know if it is too late.
But, if that’s my fate I will bite the  bait.
Let my inner monster have me in his plate.


What’s yours is yours!
Not a penny more, not a penny less.
There’s nothing wrong in chasing your dreams
There’s nothing wrong in keeping hope
But you’ll get exactly what’s yours at the end of the rope.

The hunter became the hunted!

Dense foliage blocked the sun
Bloody chase had just begun
The hunter stormed with his gun
To gun down the leopard that was on the run.

The mighty beast weighed over a ton
The  hunter was simply having fun
That’s when he tripped and dropped his gun
It was the leopard’s turn to get things done

200 posts!

Thank you WP for letting me know! Without this I wouldn’t have known the milestones that I’ve have set. Sometimes we need someone to remind us of where we are.

But surely, this is not the end; this is not my goal. I am a traveller. I travel through the unknown streets of emotions.

Some of you have accompanied me for a short while , while with others it’s become a bond.

Thank you for sticking around throughout my journey! Thank you for showing your support. Thank you for being who you really are!

Lot’s of love,